Searching the Radautz Marriages Database in One Step

Edgar Hauster and Bruce Reisch

During the summer of 2016, Edgar Hauster traveled to Rădăuţi, Romania, and visited the Archives in the Town Hall. With skillful negotiations and a little bit of luck, he was given permission to photograph vital records from the Rădăuţi, Solca, and Vicov Jewish communities of Bucovina. The first database resulting from these efforts is The Radautz Marriages Database. Search suggestions and more may be found by checking the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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To request a digital image of the original record, used the "Order" Button on the results page to generate an email request. You can also send an email to with the following information from the 'Details' link: Register Image, Register Volume, Register Page, Register Entry Number, Husband Surname, and Wife Surname. There is no charge; requests are filled in the order received.

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this tool was created using Stephen P Morse's One-Step Search Tool generator

Acknowledgements: We thank Martina Lelgemann and Edgar Hauster for database development. Bruce Reisch developed the one-step search site and searchable database using the One-Step Search Tool Generator on the Stephen P. Morse website. Daniel Horowitz provided highly useful suggestions, as well. The inspiration for this project came from our late friend, Dorin Fränkel of Rădăuţi, who began to digitally photograph the town's Jewish vital records as early as 2008. We dedicate our efforts to his memory.