FAQ - Radautz Death Registers Database


What kind of information can be found in these records?

The earliest records give a simple enumeration of each person's death (name, date, age, house number, and cause of death). Later, we found that additional information was occasionally, not always, included: Name of doctor, cemetery of burial, date of burial, date of birth and parent's names. There are occasional records that list names of surviving family members.

Question 2: What do the original records look like?

This is an example from 1866 (Latin column headings). (Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.)

1866 Death Records

Here is an example from 1867 (German).

1867 Death Records

Here is an example from 1921 (Romanian).


Question 3: I found a record for a family member. Is it possible to get a copy of the original handwritten record?

Yes! Simply click on the final link displayed on the Results page to "Order" a digital copy of the record. This link will generate an email to send to us with all the relevant information needed to fill your request. Alternatively, you can send an email to the address shown on the Search page, and request the record of interest; but you must then include the requested information (Register Image number, Register Volume, Register Page, Surname, and Given Name). There is no charge, and requests will be filled in the order received, as time permits.

Question 4. I couldn't find Aunt Hinde in the database? Why?

Try again! She's probably in this database unless she died elsewhere or outside the indicated time period. Try searching by Given Name only. Try searching on only a few letters at the beginning of her surname, or try a few letters at the end of her surname. Think about alternate spellings and use those in your search. Restrict your search to the most likely range of years. If the name included an accented character, your search should include that character as well, or use other letter sequences not containing the character. Searching for "Schachter" will not locate "Schächter" in the database. But searching for "chter" will locate both "Schachter" and "Schächter".

Question 5. I can't read [German, Romanian]. How can I get my family record translated?

We are unable to provide translations, and many will note the difficulty of even being able to read the very old style handwritten records, but here are two possibilities.

1) Join the Czernowitz-L discussion group and post your question to its members. Someone may volunteer to assist. Though focused on the Czernowitz region, members also discussion history/genealogy of the Jewish communities throughout Bukovina.

2) Post on the JewishGen Viewmate service. This is often a very successful option.

Question 6. I would like to search using Soundex for names with different spellings that sound alike, but there is no Soundex option on the search page. Are there plans to implement Soundex searches?

Soundex was beyond our capabilities when the database was published. Perhaps it will be implemented in the future. Meanwhile, the "Contains" option used allows users to search using various spellings, or just a few letters of surnames and given names. Our search function also searches for some alternate spellings, or alternate names, given in the original records.